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Our product range includes:

The ThinkAnalytics Intelligent Enterprise Server provides the capability to connect our revolutionary data-mining platform to the major CRM and Business Intelligence technologies, improving and automating the decision making processes and protecting technology investments.

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The ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine provides industry leading personalization. Utilizing state of the art real-time modeling and preference capture techniques Think Recommendations Engine aims to broaden customers tastes by suggesting new and interesting experiences. This is based on the individual's own implicit and explicit preferences and applies equally well to new products to consume, TV shows to watch, or videos to download.

Recommendations can be delivered to the customer through any touchpoint such as web, contact center, mobile phone, set top box, email, from the same centralized system giving a truly flexible multi channel capability.

Swiftly and successfully adopted as the 'de facto standard' in the television and media industry the Think Recommendations Engine is a valuable addition to many eBusiness environments providing acquisition, cross and up sell, and churn reduction capabilities.

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Power is nothing without control. Think Rules gives your business control over your operational analytics environment. Allowing business and customer centric rules to be captured, managed and applied both online and in batch.

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Think Enterprise Data Miner offers the most comprehensive and open data mining platform to allow software and Application Solution Providers (ASP) to add sophisticated analytical and predictive intelligence to product offerings, delivering scalability, high performance, flexibility and real-time analysis.

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