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Think Intelligent Enterprise Server

Real Time Decisioning

Real-time decision making integrated into business and operational processes significantly improves efficiency and clearly differentiates companies that are responsive, competitive and successful. For companies with a customer centric strategy the focus is to drive incremental revenue, reduce customer churn and increase rates of new customer acquisition, at less cost. Therefore, the business demands a solution that helps them co-ordinate intelligent decisions in real-time, across a broad range of customer touch points, learns automatically and remodels itself as the needs and behavior of its customer change.

Think Intelligent Enterprise Server (Think IES) is an ‘always on’ server or set of servers that service on-demand requests for predictive analytics, live recommendations and that handle event driven BAM processing. The Think Intelligent Enterprise Server establishes ThinkAnalytics position as a premier supplier of real-time analytical technology and solutions, across industries and business function.

Integrated Intelligence

The delivery of real-time analytics and modeling to a business is vital, however, the ability to achieve this and at the same time integrate with strategic technologies within an organization is critical. The ThinkAnalytics Intelligent Enterprise Server provides a range of components to connect the revolutionary data-mining platform to the major CRM and Business Intelligence technologies, improving and automating the decision making processes and protecting technology investments. For example, a call center operator retrieves customer information and an assessment of their value to the business. A personalized product offering based on buying patterns of other customers as well as the individual's customer profile is produced and the result is an instant cross-sell opportunity.

Forward Thinking

The Intelligent Enterprise Server allows your Enterprise to achieve its full business potential through the intelligent application of real-time analytical and predictive technologies.

Think Intelligent Enterprise Server is the first software solution built to encompass the total knowledge discovery process supporting the distributed nature by which Enterprise companies operate today, and the integration demands to achieve zero latency.

As a result, it provides a step change in ease of use and productivity, delivering accurate results swiftly, and interoperability with the major CRM and Business Intelligence technologies

Think IES exhibits a number of key benefits that ensure a rapid return on investment, making it superior to all other products in the market, including:

Think IES Enterprise Benefits

Solving real-world problems dealing with enterprise data volumes through its unique scalability.

Optimized for high data throughput - volume & performance.

Built-in support for multi-threading, multi-core processors.

Making knowledge discovery accessible to all business users at all experience levels with its unique deployment capability, through multiple channels, cross platform - personal, real time and dynamic
Getting fast accurate and repeatable results through automation

& Embedding

Rapid Integration of advanced analytics into operational CRM and other operational and business processes.

Embeddable into leading front-office solutions - delivering consistent decision-making across all business channels.
Real-time modeling and recommendations integrated into business applications: Call-Centers, Sales, Marketing, Corporate Portals.

Single Environment to manage the transition from
offline batch modeling to real-time.
Incorporate existing industry specific models & analysis techniques, as well as leveraging your own specific techniques, protecting your modeling investments
Leverage other external leading Enterprise technologies, such as SAS, Siebel, Business Objects, IBM MQ WebSphere, TIBCO, PMML, JMS and J2EE.