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Think Enterprise Data Miner 


Think EDM (previously known as K.wiz) is a fully integrated Business Analysis Automation platform incorporating knowledge discovery and data mining techniques designed to provide business users with intelligent analysis capabilities. It combines ease-of-use with enterprise scalability to uncover latent knowledge from massive amounts of data through host applications. The advanced statistical, data mining and visualization techniques, coupled with the data extraction, transformation, integration, analytical and action components, positions Think EDM as a unique solution for complex business problems.

Innovative Approach

Think EDM is a component-based platform for the development of data mining and predictive analytic solutions that can be embedded in business applications and deploy predictive intelligence to a large number of business users. An extensive library of components is provided to support the complete knowledge discovery process, from data selection, transformation and processing through to data mining and visualization. The component architecture enables users to add specialized components. Think EDM has the ability to process vast amounts of data and delivers real-time responses, eliminating performance problems that plague traditional data mining products.

Creating Value with Knowledge

Knowledge discovery and data mining techniques are used to identify and exploit useful patterns in massive data volumes. Think EDM allows users to significantly increase the value of data by identifying complex non-linear patterns from a data warehouse, CRM front-office, eCommerce and other corporate systems. Delivering business knowledge enables users to leverage advanced data mining techniques through their business application without data mining experience. Delivering intelligent information for front-, back- or web-office requirements are essential in today’s ultra competitive business environment.

Open Design

Think EDM is an open knowledge discovery and data mining platform that utilizes industry standards such as PMML, HTML, XML and ODBC/JDBC. The system is cross platform and targets multiple business channels. The Think EDM platform provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to the complete environment, including the component library. The Think EDM openness has been a major design criteria since inception and positions the product as the ideal embeddable technology where applications require knowledge discovery and data mining techniques.

Think EDM provides the key to unlocking the knowledge hidden deep within corporate systems and provides a seamless integration into traditional and e-business systems. Think EDM can be deployed across a distributed client/server architecture. Companies can deploy Think EDM across existing infrastructures, which therefore protect and maximize hardware investments. The distributed nature of Think EDM can fully utilize all available resources and distributes required processes which makes it unique in today' current data mining offerings.

There are no data access restrictions. A series of Think EDM components provide access to a range of data formats, including the leading RDBMS platforms – DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata.

The Data Dictionary provides an intelligent meta-data layer and shields the user from the impact of data movement. The openness and extendable nature of Think EDM means that the functionality is unlimited and can match the requirements of both users and applications, and be embedded in standard business processes.

Component Architecture, Unlimited Flexibility

The Think EDM component architecture provides unlimited flexibility. The Think EDM component library enables organizations to integrate data from all customer touchpoints, including enterprise, sales and external systems. It transforms and cleanses data and deploys advanced analytical and visualization techniques. The component architecture provides the ability for users to add specialized components.

Components form the basic building blocks for defining a knowledge discovery process. Each component performs a specific task, such as data reduction, data mining or visualization, and the Think EDM platform provides the ability to link a series of components together to perform a complete analytical process.

(Below are some examples of Visualization Windows associated with specific Think EDM components.)

The Think EDM component library contains over 200 individual components, grouped with respect to their function. These groups include:

  • Data Access

  • Data Reduction

  • Data Transformation

  • Missing Values

  • Basket Data

  • Meta-Data

  • Date and String Handling

  • Geographics

  • Algorithms & Statistical techniques:
    • Associations
    • Classification
    • Clustering
    • Principal Component Analysis
    • Regression
    • Simulations
    • Time Series Analysis
  • Business Rules

  • Statistical Tests

  • Summary Statistics

  • Visualization

  • XML Transformation

  • Connectors

Business Impact

Today there are very few multi-terabyte data warehouses; but it is projected by many analysts that there will be thousands in the decade ahead. Data is streaming at unprecedented rates into enterprise warehouses not only from the Internet but also from other front-office and operational data collection systems. Clearly, just storing data does not return value. Making intelligent and valuable use of data to improve every business aspect is the challenge. Faced with mountains of data, executives are struggling to identify key information that will help companies maximize profitability. In order to make effective decisions, complex non-linear patterns must be identified in data warehouses. Executives need to solve a wide range of common, mission-critical, business problems; and therefore access to intelligent information is essential.

Think EDM provides the information to aid the decision-making process and to gain an intelligent business edge.


Summary of Think EDM Benefits

Solving real-world problems dealing with enterprise data volumes through its unique scalability.

Optimized for high data throughput - volume & performance.

Built-in support for multi-threading, multi-core processors.

Open Open Component API enables the creation of bespoke components and algorithms, which can be plugged straight into Think EDM design tools and deployed with ease.
Deployment Making knowledge discovery accessible to users at all experience levels with support for multi-person project teams.
Automation Getting fast accurate and repeatable results through automation
Consolidate Incorporate existing industry specific models & analysis techniques, as well as leveraging your own specific techniques, protecting your modeling investments